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ϡ Joker.

why. so. serious?

19 December
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Erase erase 잊어 지워
이젠 이젠 싫어 미워
Fall fall fallin’ down faded faded faded
I’m not a vampire not a night ghost
어둠 속에 흐느껴 네 이름 부르고
우리가 다시 함께 하기를 기다려 'cause
*lettingleaderhackyourprofile, 4d siblings, :|, = =, ^^, abusing leader, appa knows best, appa's always right js!, being a pimp, being called yong namshin, being second in command, best friends, bossing leader around, bratty magnaes, bullying people named doojoon, carnivals on the beach, causing mischievousness with yoseob, causing trouble, composing, cooking for 5 beasts, dancing, dooj approved™, dookwang hugs, exploring caves, giving leader headaches, hacking monkeys, jumma has last word, kicking the injured leader, layout by: ephectic, lazy days, leaderly type people, living a prince's life, making fun of leader, movie nights, n3n, pulling leader's hair, rebelling against leader, shopping, the jiji stamp ☆, traveling the seven seas, writing lyrics